Personal Training

Putting the PERSONAL in Personal Training

No two people are the same—so why should their training programs be? Forever Fit combines scientifically-based individualized training with clean, balanced nutrition to help our clients get faster, stronger and leaner on their terms.

Personal Training For Men

Tired of working out? Struggling to gain muscle mass? Our team of expert personal trainers offer creative and highly-targeted workouts that are as effective as they are safe and cutting-edge. This one-two punch ensures ensure you meet and surpass your fitness goals in less time and without spending every waking minute in the gym. By bringing together the latest techniques and data-driven approaches with hands-on, real-time support, our trainers get you to your goals—and beyond.
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Personal Training For Women

Our goal at Forever Fit is simple: we want you to be the best “YOU” possible. And that starts with targeted personal training that meets your needs and fits into your busy schedule.

Whether you’re new to working out, are an accomplished athlete or fall somewhere in between, our staff has the skills and resources to help you excel in the gym and out. We can help you smash through any goal, whether you’re looking to lose weight, de-stress, get toned or, even, become a more competitive athlete. It’s your body—and your life. And our trainers are here to make it the best ever.

Strength Training

Strength training is critical to getting and staying in shape. By focusing on key muscle groups and tapping into proven training methods, your personal trainer will help you achieve serious results.

Our process starts with comprehensive free weight exercises, with weight and intensity increasing as your strength and stamina grows. From there, our trainers tap any combination of exercises and modalities to keep strength training exciting, challenging and results-driven.

Circuit Training

If you want to sculpt your body, boost endurance, or are bored with your typical routine, circuit training can be the perfect solution. These fast-paced workouts torch calories, melt fat and can be customized to include weights or aerobic exercises based on your preferences and fitness goals.

DID YOU KNOW people who work out with a personal trainer are 30% more likely to reach their goals? Reach your goals and take your fitness to the next level. Contact us now or call us today to schedule your initial personal training session.

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