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Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Imagine there was a pill that provided your body with unsurpassed health benefits. A simple serving would lower your risk of heart disease, keep cholesterol levels in check, and improve your mood, energy levels, and even your appearance. Let’s be real — you’d probably do anything to get a powerful health solution like that.

The good news? That magic pill exists, and it’s available to all of us — it’s exercise. And integrating it into your life will do more to improve your health and well-being than almost anything else.

Unfortunately, fitness procrastination is all too common and can quickly become a less than desirable trend. Not only does this lead to extra cushion around your middle, but it also has profound health effects that can impact almost every part of your body.

All of us, no matter our current health and well-being, benefit from exercise. There are dozens of advantages to staying fit beside looking trim, meaning that the number on the scale isn’t a smart way to get a gauge on your overall health. If you want to bring your body to its best state, you need to sweat a little, which is why a consistent exercise routine is vital for good health.

Your Daily Exercise Requirements

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that adults exercise for 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) each week. While it may sound like a lot, this breaks down to just 30 minutes five days per week — probably the amount of time you press SNOOZE in the morning.

Even so, only a small portion of American adults are achieving this minimum standard. If you find carving out exercise time to be overwhelming, it’s important to take a minute and focus on adjusting your priorities. No matter how busy your career is, something can be cut out to give you a half hour of exercise a day. Making it to the gym will transform the rest of your life starting with these 12 key benefits.

Top 12 Benefits of Exercise

There’s a lot of reasons to put your gym membership to good use. Check out the incredible benefits for your body- all from maintaining an exercise routine.

1. Reduces Blood Pressure

Heart disease is the number one killer in America, and chronic hypertension is the leading cause of heart disease. A high-fat diet and sedentary lifestyle lead to plaque buildup in your arteries, which triggers heart attacks from lack of blood flow. Exercise works to strengthen your heart and reduce blood pressure by attacking this plaque and allowing blood to flow more freely through your body.
2. Natural Antidepressant: Suffer from depression or prone to chronic blues? Regular aerobic exercise has been shown to be just as beneficial for combating depression as antidepressant medication, and the benefits might even last longer.

3. Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

The global obesity epidemic is leading to an increase in cases of Type 2 Diabetes, but exercise works to help your body metabolize glucose, which keeps you from developing the disease as quickly.
4. Boosts Creativity: Does your mind get fried in the middle of the work day? Go on a brisk walk and your performance might improve. Studies have found that walking improves convergent and divergent thinking, which can lead to improvements in creative problem-solving abilities.

5. Reduces Body Fat

Even a few extra pounds of fat can put unnecessary strain on your body, which is why working out to maintain your ideal weight is a smart strategy for long-term health. Best of all, increased muscle mass helps your body burn off calories faster, which makes it even easier to maintain your goal weight.

6. Builds Muscle Mass

Regular resistance training will boost up your muscles, which makes it simpler to maintain aerobic fitness levels while keeping your metabolism high.

7. Increases Energy Levels

When your body is used to a regular exercise routine, it begins to function more efficiently. This means your cells will get more oxygen and you’ll experience fewer chronic aches and pains. In the same way, regular exercise can wake your body up even better than caffeine, making a quick fitness class an ideal way to combat the mid-afternoon fatigue.

8. Helps You Resist Temptation

Looking to improve your diet? Exercising can help. The endorphin rush of completing a hard workout can be stronger than the pleasure of eating sugar, meaning that your body may get addicted to exercise instead.

9. Improves Memory Retention

Your brain is like a muscle, and regular exercise seems to be just as beneficial for it. A workout routine can help neural passages stay in shape, which can lead to better memory capabilities and lower stress level. In the same way, regular exercise can lower your chances of developing dementia because it helps maintain a positive blood flow to the brain.

10. Reduces the Risk of Arthritis

Stiff joints can severely impact your quality of life, but research has revealed that regular exercise can stave off this chronic illness. By engaging in regular stretching routines and other low-impact fitness activities, you can keep your joints lubricated and healthy for decades longer.

11. Improves Sex Life

Endorphins do your body a world of good, and they also contribute to increases in reproductive hormones. This leads to a stronger sexual appetite, lower risk of erectile dysfunction, and even increased fertility rates for men.

12. Saves Money

Concerned about the cost of a gym membership? It makes sense — but compared to the cost of medical procedures for chronic disease, they’re downright cheap. As a form of preventative medicine, a Fortune 500 company estimated that exercise spending leads to a savings of $2.71 for every dollar spent. Now, that’s a deal.

These 12 are just the tip of the iceberg — stop by one of our Forever Fit locations for even more reasons to break a sweat, and some incredible ways to get yourself back on track.


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